Mars-Uranus rutsjebanen 1. december

Har du lagt mærke til, at du er rastløs, irritabel, ude af balance?

Mars i Vægten nærmer sig en opposition med Uranus i Vædderen, som kulminerer d. 1. december. Forhold til andre – særligt kærlighedsforhold – kan gå fra “dybt forelsket” til “det er slut” og tilbage igen på kort tid. Man kan have for meget energi fysisk, som kan ende i dramatisk skænderi, hvis man ikke finder andre måder at brænde det af på.

Oveni dette er Merkur i skyggen af retrograd i Skytten, som gør det svært at overskue en situation intellektuelt. Med Neptun, som for nyligt er gået direkte, kan der være bristede illusioner, som også skal navigeres.

Det er en tid til geniale indfald, spontan handling og fysisk udfoldelse – men ikke til at finde et køligt overblik, især ikke i kærlighed!

Klip fra Willow (1988)

The ones who inspire your soul



Say you’ve always loved a particular author, musician, film maker, painter or actor. Maybe you don’t even know why – their art just seems to articulate something you KNOW.

By comparing the chart of this person to yours, you’ll most often see exactly what it is in you that’s activated – and what it takes to activate it more consciously. If this person seems very different to you, chances are that you are projecting something hidden.

One of the biggest inspirators in my life is author D.H. Lawrence whose natal Mars precisely conjuncts my North Node in the 10th house – where my soul is going. His Moon and Venus also conjunct my Sun. This confirmed what I already knew somewhere: that reading his work was like a light being lit ahead of me.

Who speaks to you?

Image. Women in Love, 1st edition 1921

Scorpio New Moon 18th November

This Moon and the weekend are mostly focused on healing through art and meditation. Here is magic – the kind where rituals, going deep into something and losing yourself will bring higher consciousness.
So why do you feel like punching something? (lol or is it just me?) Mars is squaring Pluto bringing some truly destructive impulses and zero patience when it comes to other people’s games. Take the high road by merging physical activity with magic ritual. Losing yourself through dancing maybe? Time to light the fire and get the witches together. 😉

Image from Outlander (2015)

Taurus Full Moon November 4th


Full Moon in Taurus. This is an opportunity for simple soothing after a week of an emotionally grating Saturn-Chiron square. Maybe you feel raw, maybe you’ve felt yourself slipping back into old hurts or habits that you KNOW you should move on from. Saturn makes sure that you berate yourself about that – even when you should just show yourself some love and understanding. Giving yourself a hard time stops now. Under the Taurus Moon comfort and healing comes through physical pleasures. Keep it simple and be kind. With the Sun connecting Neptune art could be especially soothing. And if you really let yourself enjoy, flashes of inspiration may strike curtesy of a Venus-Uranus opposition. This moon helps you move on from the hurt – you just have to flow and let go.