What’s your nature?

Would you like to become more aware of yourself?

See why you react in certain ways, attract certain people, and get stuck in certain areas of life?

Astrology is a powerful tool for self-realisation – whether you believe in it or not. It can illuminate who you are, naturally, essentially, when you have lost your way.


 I offer personal readings in Copenhagen or online. These are always 600 kr. for one hour and 350 kr. for 30 mins. The couple’s reading is 850 kr.

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I also offer beautiful gift certificates for any of the above readings.

Astrology for events

I offer readings for parties and events in the Copenhagen area.

For example bachelor/ bachelorette parties, birthday parties, anniversaries.

What I need from you

Date of birth
Place of birth
Time of birth, as precisely as possible
A short description of your concerns and focus area


About Caritas


Tapestry woven by Signe Emdal

My name is Caritas Fischer and I live in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Astrology is an almost lifelong interest which became a lifeline during a crises. Interest became therapy, then study, then mission.

My use of astrology is modern and positive. I believe that the effect of the planets is subtle and emotional rather than neccessarily manifesting in outer events. Because of this, I use astrology as a tool of self-discovery, not for the prediction of events.

I believe that we are happiest when we feel a connection to the physical world, the Earth and the Universe. Astrology is the ancient art of noticing and tracking these subtle connections. It can show you that you are a creation of nature – you are not alone, you are connected.



Caritas Fischer Astrology

Gasværksvej 10A, st. th. Kbh V




Design Nan Na Hvass, Louise Brandt Overgaard. Photo Signe Emdal. Painting Caritas Fischer.